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Dennis Kolen counts an impressive fifteen albums to his name to date. After spending years as the frontman of the Rotterdam-based band Wyatt and touring with artists such as Anouk, Kane and The Golden Earring, Dennis released his first solo album ‘The Jinx’ in 2005. This album received widescale praise and was soon followed by ‘Hard Road/ Muddy Track’ (2008), ‘Revolution of the Romantics’ (2010), The Years of DK (2012), and Foreign Affairs (2013). These albums all received 5-stars by the trendsetting musical publication ‘Lust for Life Magazine’. 

Six of Air is a new chapter in Dennis Kolen’s musical diary. The lyrics still address the age-old topics of doubt and vulnerability, but the whole tone of the album strikes a more positive note. Hope springs eternal in these very personal songs that were created in a special period of Dennis’ life. This is timeless pop, offered by a musician who continuously reinvents himself and finds new ways of expressing his craft. Six of Air offers the promise of love and the trust of the future. And all of this with a nod and a wink to the great songwriters of the ’70’s!




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